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Imagine a CMM software that returns exactly the information you want within the shortest possible time; measuring software whose results can be understood by everyone involved in the manufacturing process; measuring software frees you from the old code based structural programming activities. That software is CALYPSO!

CALYPSO Software from Carl Zeiss enables you to complete all your measuring tasks within one software suite. At the click of a mouse - whether single-point or scanning, manual or CNC, 4th Axis Table support, indexing probe head and tool rack use, even communication to other devices such as robot or machine tool, CALYPSO is your answer.
What's new in CALYPSO 5.6?
  • Extended functions & improved accuracy with reference sphere management
  • Easier modification of nominal data for multiple features
  • Simplified operation and enhanced visualization in AutoRun
  • New directory structure enables easier access to important files
  • New licensing utility with improved license options
  • Improved usability of parameterized features and macros
  • Create PCM code outside of measurement plan, plus color-coding
  • Software for all measuring strategies and tasks
  • Suitable for both skilled and non-skilled operators
  • Can be retrofitted to non-ZEISS measuring systems
  • Interfaces for all standard CAD formats
  • Handle older DMIS coded programs
  • Offers all design features for intuitive program generation
  • Fast and reliable programming through Visual Metrology:
    -You select tolerances from drawing or CAD model
    -You define feature to be evaluated
    -Integrated assistance generates probe paths
    -Your measuring plan is ready!
  • No time consuming structural programming
  • No difficult code or text editing
Measurement and evaluation
  • Results at a glance
  • Filter functions, special calibration procedures
  • Optimum approach and travel paths
  • Multiple protocol outputs that can be customized
Calypso Tools for Special Jobs
    Measure and calculate 2D and 3D curves. Inspection features: curve slope, cam throw, curve length, curve form, surface area, profile, etc. Fields of application: 2D and 3D profiles, contours, cams, turbine and impeller blades, gearotors

    Measurement of free form surfaces. Deviations from plan are marked in color on a 3D CAD image. Typical fields of application include medical implant, sheet metal and fiberglass body panels, molded containers and bottles, mold and die making, blade inspection, and any 3D profile in which freeform surfaces have to be inspected.

    Menu-guided control of parameter-supported measuring runs. Expand programming capability with the ability to parameterize with CALYPSO PCM.

    Measure and evaluate basic to complex gear shapes.  Use GearPro to measure Spur, Spline, Involute, Bevel and Worm gears relative to AGMA definitions.  Report results in commonly accepted industry formats

    Measure and analyze turbine blade and impeller geometry.  BladePro with developed in partnership with the global leaders in turbine blade design and production.  Traditionally difficult to quantify parameters related to leading and trailing edges, chord, torsion angle and more are only a click away. 

A candid discussion about CMM software:

Contemporary software development has abandoned the old structured syntax formats of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Users should not be constrained or exposed to the top-down logic programming methods. Yet many major CMM builders are delivering software that carries with it baggage from the late 1980’s; baggage that limits efficiency and capability.

Modern CMM software should encompass several key characteristics.

  1. Allow programming from 3-D models
  2. Re-order and organizing of the measurement routine via click and drag
  3. Correct interpretation of GD&T
  4. ISO evaluation routines like filters and geometry calculations
  5. Manual and CNC measurement abilities
  6. Support of traditional CMMs as well as portable arms and video measuring machines.
  7. Relate to a suite of options for complex geometry solutions like free form surfaces, gears and turbine blades.
  8. Flexible output and integration options
  9. Customizable user interface to meet every users skill level and needs.

CALYPSO from Carl Zeiss meets all these criteria. Programming can be with or without CAD data. Some CAD data supported includes IGES, STEP, DXF, CATIA, ProE, UniGraphics, VDA and Solid Works.

You can also draw from standard Window’s functions like click-drag, copy-paste, paint brush and object oriented structure to save time and confusion when editing or performing partial inspection runs. CALYPSO’s structure also guides the user through proper GD&T reference frames. Along the way you will encounter relevant evaluation options to properly handle measurement data.

If you have a Brown & Sharpe CMM, Mitutoyo CMM, DEA CMM, Sheffield CMM, Faro Arm or Romer Arm, Calypso can probably run it. Calypso will even run some video measuring machines like OGP SmartScopes. This capability enables your company to keep the old tub and just replace the water (software).

Zeiss is committed to serving industry and has worked with global industry partner so not only be compatible with non-Zeiss machines, but to measure non-traditional geometery like gears with the GearPro module and turbine blades with BladePro. Suite options like CALYPSO Curve and Free Form directly address complex and non-prismatic geometry.

With CALYPSO you can output a number of standard as well as have the flexibility of designing your own output format. Most popular SPC packages will operate in a real time environment with CALYPSO. And for the production environment, CALYPSO has been integrating with machine tool, EDM and robots around the world.

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