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Workpieces in Peak Condition 
The precise determination of form parameters such as roundness, concentricity and cylindricity is an essential element of the quality assurance process. Even manual form testers provide very good accuracy while also measuring quickly. CNC programs are generated with graphic support and ensure time savings, load relief and measuring uncertainty.

The Rondcom line from Carl Zeiss provides operators with optimum support for the inspection of forms. The excellent value for the money is another optimum feature of this measuring machine.


Key Features and Systems
The right system for every requirement. A broad line of Rondcom manual and CNC machines are available for form measurements on workpieces of varying size. Manual or CNC capable rotary tables on air bearings with radial runout accuracies down to 0.02 μm on the reference point. Rotary table and precise guideway axes ensure very high accuracy.

Rondcoms use the TIMS software strategy: flexible measurement and evaluation. Easy-to-use with a control panel or graphic software support, as well as a Windows-based computer workstation. Correction software with the Rondcom 44/54 delivers high measuring accuracy beginning with the rough alignment. Exchange data, for example, between form and roughness analyses for a contour analysis.
Fulfillment of various requirements through different sized columns and/or for increased load. Rondcom 54, 55 and 60 can be equipped with a CNC stylus system for CNC volume measurements. In TIMS, for example, enhancement modules for special analyses such as gear tooth tip and piston evaluations, statistics and Fourier analysis.

Rondcom 41: Compact desktop model with
high-end analysis functions

Rondcom 44/54: Accuracy for a range of applications. Easy upgrade to full CNC.

Rondcom 47/55: Semi- automatic or CNC with superior cost performance.

Rondcom 60: The reference form measuring machine for maximum accuracy.
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Rondcom 72/76: Spindle form testers for large workpieces in the automotive industry.

Rondcom 72/76: measurement of a cylinder

Rondcom Touch: Table-Rotating Type Compact Roundness Measuring Instrument
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