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ViSCAN, DTS, LineScan,
EagleEye navigator

The ViSCAN, DTS, LineScan and EagleEye navigator optical sensors are capable of delivering precise measuring results for sensitive, soft, finely structured or 2D test pieces.

  • Optical 2D image sensor
  • Measurements in all spatial directions, rechucking the workpiece is unnecessary
  • Different lenses can be used, making it possible to capture deep-laying features
  • Parts with very small or 2D geometries and/or soft materials can be measured in the image with the auto focus sytem as well as perpendicular to the camera plane
  • Difficult measurements can be performed on low-contrast test pieces such as punched components or printed circuit boards using the optional, mobile transmitted light stages

  • Optical diode stylus for single-point measuring
  • Clamping of matierials is unnecessary, deformations avoided
  • Simple, fast, and reliable probing
  • Compact design, low weight, no mechanical wear parts
  • For soft and sensitive materials such as plasticine, clay, wood, plastics, foam parts, material or lacquered surfaces
  • Optical sensor to capture the entire surfact of forms using point clouds for a comparison with available nominal CAD data sets or for the creation of a new CAD model or milling data
  • Complete with scanner, software, cables
  • Ultra-fast line scanner for high-speed digitization, captures 250,000 points per second, short measuring times enable considerable increases in productivity
  • For contact-sensitive or finely structured surfaces in the areas of car body, mold/tool making, model making and design
    EagleEye navigator
  • Optical scanning for car body measurement based on laser triangulation
  • Reduced measuring and reaction times, increased quality of the pressed parts
  • Top-quality evaluations of the results with information on the diameter, position and form of the part feature down to the micrometer

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