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Metrotomography is the fusion of metrology and tomography. It is now possible to measure highly precisely and non-destructively in areas where only destructive inspection was possible before or no quality assurance took place at all.

Metrotomography allows you to measure the interior of a workpiece: all recorded data can be applied to all areas of quality assurance and be evaluated. Non-destructive testing technology, such as assembly inspection, damage and porosity analysis, material inspection and defect checks is possible as well as traditional evaluation, reverse engineering applications or a comparison of geometries.

Key Features
Well thought-out design
  • 3D computed tomography with micro-focus x-ray tubes and detectors
  • Rotary table and clamping device and a moving system from Carl Zeiss.
    Safe technology

  • Full-protection enclosure
  • Meets radiation protection ordinance in accordance with DIN 54113 for full-protection devices (0.5 mr/h on external skin) of this type
  • Ergonomically optimized design (special loading position).

    Machine Technology
    Proven linear technology
  • In-house machine components relevant to precision
  • Compensation of guideway errors (CAA corrected)
  • Original Carl Zeiss rotary table with direct drive
  • In-house air bearings
  • Resolution: 0.036˝
  • Max. load (centric): 500 N
    Micro-focus x-ray tubes
  • High voltage: 10 – 225 keV
  • Tube power: 5 – 3000 μA
  • Target performance: 320 W max.
  • Angle of reflected beam: 50° conical
  • Angle of useful beam: 30° conical
  • Size of focal point: > 7 μm flatbed detector
  • Detector system with extremely high sensitivity
  • 1024 x 1024 pixels at 400 μm² for 3D-CT
  • Low distortion, digital radioscopy
    Measuring Range ØxZ (mm)
    300 x 300


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