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There is room for precision even where heat and dirt cannot be avoided: with the MMZ G and MMZ T machine measuring centers. They are tailored for precise, economical measuring of large parts directly in the production environment. Furthermore, because these measuring centers can be loaded from three sides with a crane or floor conveyors, they are ideal for the conditions in production.
Key Features
Designed for measurements of highly precise machine parts
  • Traditional bridge-type machine construction for high accuracy, measuring performance and resistance to ambient conditions
  • Roller bearings increase resistance to rough environmental conditions without compromising the superb guideway characteristics
  • CAA error correction is used in the axes of motion

  • Control and operation

  • Highly-integrated ISC control technology
  • Variable speed control during CNC operation
  • Prepared locking device with crane control to load workpieces

    Machine Technology
  • Peak performance during active scanning with VAST® gold standard probe, even with large styli
  • Software assistant to automatically determine the fastest possible scanning speed
  • Complete collision protection of the quill.
  • VAST navigator for high result quality with a short measuring time
  • Optimization functions for probe movement
  • Outstanding measuring flexibility with either VAST or RDS
    Measuring Range (in mm)
    MMZ G 2000:
    2000 x 3000 – 5000 x 2000
    MMZ G 2500:
    2500 x 3000 – 6000 x 2000
    MMZ G 3000:
    3000 x 4000 – 6000 x 2000
    MMZ T 12:
    1600 x 2400 (3000) x 1200
    MMZ T 16:
    1600 x 2400 (3000) x 1600
    2000 x 3000 x 1600
    CALYPSO Software
    CALYPSO is based on the principle of visual metrology: measure what you see – without extensive programming or complicated code and text input. All part features from a drawing or a CAD model are stored as icons. Select the icons you need and your measurement plan is finished. CALYPSO automatically calculates the ideal measuring run and travel paths.


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