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LineScan Sensors

LineScan comes across as a rapid and an efficient equipment that has the capability of handling as much as 250,000 points per second. It is also sophisticated enough to capture digitization of high-speed. The productivity of the whole process takes a significant uplift because of the reduced measuring time involved. 

This measuring system comes fitted with automated change for sensors along with MASS technology. This also goes on to enhance the productivity of the sensor. There is also improvement in the accuracy that relates to the point grids that are consolidated as well as definable, leading to intelligent point reduction. LineScan optical sensor can be chosen for car bodies, mold making, construction and design



ZEISS DotScan is an outstanding option for capturing freeform surfaces and even for minute structures. Chromatic white light sensors – and hence also the ZEISS DotScan – are the method of choice, especially when styli or camera sensors reach their limits on sensitive, soft, reflective or low-contrast surfaces. By using ZEISS DotScan, strongly reflective surfaces, such as metal components in knee implants, can be scanned without any need to inject them with a contrast medium. This also makes it possible to distinguish transparent lacquered surfaces from other underlying metallic layers.

ZEISS DotScan is available in three sizes for three different measuring ranges: 10, 3 and 1 mm. The sensor can be exchanged fully automatically for other contact or optical sensors within a single CNC run. With increments of 2.5 degrees, the articulated axis can align the ZEISS DotScan so that it is perpendicular to the surface of the component being scanned. And since the maximum measuring angle of the ZEISS DotScan 1 mm is plus/minus 30 degrees, even more strongly curved components can be scanned.Thanks to the sensor's mode of operation, a wide variety of materials can be scanned from all sides without difficulty. In conjunction with a rotary table, even measuring jobs with 4-axis scanning can be performed.

  • Optical sensor to capture the entire surfact of forms using point clouds for a comparison with available nominal CAD data sets or for the creation of a new CAD model or milling data
  • Complete with scanner, software, cables
  • Ultra-fast line scanner for high-speed digitization, captures 250,000 points per second, short measuring times enable considerable increases in productivity
  • For contact-sensitive or finely structured surfaces in the areas of car body, mold/tool making, model making and design
    EagleEye navigator
  • Optical scanning for car body measurement based on laser triangulation
  • Reduced measuring and reaction times, increased quality of the pressed parts
  • Top-quality evaluations of the results with information on the diameter, position and form of the part feature down to the micrometer











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