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Carl Zeiss IMT:
Measuring technology from the leader
In today's unpredictable manufacturing environment, it's nice to know there is still one constant - Carl Zeiss quality. No matter which system you consider, from our DuraMax shop floor CMM to our METROTOM CT scanner to our large gantry equipment, reliable inspection is what you will get.


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Bridge-type measuring machines

Carl Zeiss brings proven metrology technology to our new, affordable coordinate measuring machine. Years of experience in designing world-class CMMs is combined with the best high-tech materials and features to provide cutting-edge quality.
  • Available in two sizes from 7/7 to 7/10
  • Four Probe Sensor Systems to Choose From

The affordable Contura is ideal for small and mid-sized companies seeking the benefits of high-speed scanning; reduced inspection time, more information regarding part geometry.

  • Sizes 28x28x22” to 48x96x40”
  • Accuracy from 1.8um +L/300
  • Three Sensor Systems to Choose From
Need security in your CMM investment? The all new redesigned Accura II from Carl Zeiss is a measuring machine to meet our needs; performance or precision or both! It’s modular design allows adaptation to your ever changing measurement requirements. Contact and noncontact sensors as well as the Calypso software family and fourth axis rotary table can be configured to your current and future needs.
micura MICURA
This high precision, compact, bridge-type CMM features precision scanning technology with the VAST XT gold active scanning sensor. Offers the accuracy to measure delicate parts while maintaining efficiency.
  • provides 500 x 500 x 500 mm measuring range
  • VAST XT Gold active scanning sensor for ultimate performance
PRISMO navigator
Precision and durability combine to make the Zeiss Prismo the bench mark in CMM technology.
  • Sizes 28x35" to 63x168"
  • Accuracy from 0.9um + L/350
  • Unique Navigator Scanning Technology
Combines precision at the limits of what is technically feasible with a measuring range of nearly one cubic meter.
  • 900x1500x700
  • Accuracy  0.3um +L/1000
Production measuring machines
CenterMax navigator
CenterMax was designed for precision measurement at a production pace in extreme environments.
  • Sizes 35x48" to 44x48"
  • Accuracy from 0.6um +L/600
  • Active Scanning Sensor
GageMax navigator
GageMax from Carl Zeiss will replace fixed gages in a production environment with efficiency, reliability and flexibility.
  • Size 30x20"
  • Accuracy from 2.2um + L/300
  • Active Scanning and Optional 4th Axis
The newest addition to the Zeiss Maxline, DuraMax is a very affordable CNC measuring machine with a compact foot print and an ideal replacement for manual CMMs. 
  • Size 20x20"
  • Accuracy from 2.4um + L/300
  • Passive Scanning with Optional Tool Rack
Microsystem technology
Unique in the world of metrology, the Zeiss F25 delivers precision for the micro component market.
  • Size 4x4"
  • Accuracy 0.25um +L/666
  • Optical and Contact Scanning Sensors
This is the revolution in measurement; a fusion of metrology and tomography is the Zeiss Metrotom, capable of measuring traditional dimensional features and previously inaccessible or internal features.
  • Size 12"x12" Cylinder
  • Micro-focus X-Ray Tubes
Horizontal-arm measuring machines
PRO horizontal arm machines from Carl Zeiss are ideal for large fabricated, molded or stamped part measurement.
  •     Sizes 400x128" and smaller
  •     Accuracy from 18um + L/125
  •     Laser and Contact Sensors
Large machines
Ideal for high precision on a grand scale, the Zeiss MMZ G and MMZ T use a traditional bridge design for precision measuring performance.
  • Sizes 63x96" to 120x240"
  • Accuracy from 2.0um +L/300
  • Zeiss Scanning and Indexing Sensors
Ideal for quick and easy measurement of large parts, the Zeiss MMZ B and MMZ E are gantry style machines with robust designs.
  • Sizes 80x120" to 160"x400"
  • Accuracy from 6.0um + L/150
  • Zeiss Probe Sensors and Optional 4th Axis
Contact Sensors
High speed scanning probe solutions
Optical Sensors
Non-contact video sensors for CMMs
Laser Sensors
Innovative Laser Line Scanners and Point or DotScan sensors
Leading CMM metrology software
Gear Geometry Measurement
Turbine blade and vane analysis
CALYPSO Software for Non-Zeiss CMMs
CMM data management and custom reporting
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