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ZEISS CMMobserver

Observe and record CMM events

CMMobserver provides a summary of the current CMM status and records a history of all significant events with the purpose to improve machine utilization. CMMobserver is built for ZEISS CMMs equipped with CALYPSO 2016. It is easy to install and a simple user interfaces does not require training allowing easy access to this information by anyone in the quality department.

Current Activity and Status
In one view, assess the current events and activity of the CMM for a more clear understanding of the current CMM status. Details include:

  • Current Part Number being inspected
  • ZEISS CALYPSO Measurement Plan
  • Start Time
  • Estimated End Time
  • Part Temperature
  • Current Operator Log in
  • CMM Configuration
  • CMM Firmware

History of Events
Provided as a tool for CMM operators, programmers, and managers. CMMobserver records and displays all significant events to understand the CMM activity and the frequency of problems with detailed information to help solve problems faster. Users can sort columns and filter by a date range. CMMobserver can also export the events to Excel for additional analysis.

Significant events include:

  • Operator log-on/off
  • Measurement Plan start/finish
  • CMM Errors and Collisions

Details for each events include:

  • CALYPSO Plan Name
  • Plan start/finish date/time
  • Part Temperatures
  • Machine Temperatures
  • Collision speed and location
  • Collision feature and probe/stylus used
  • Record header fields
  • Operator
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