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The platform concept of the new ACCURA® allows you to tailor your measuring machine to your requirements and budget. What do you need, performance or precision? We offer configuration packages that fit your requirements. Furthermore, the modular design provides you with security in your investment: the new ACCURA can be modified to meet changing requirements on the configuration, sensors and software.
Key Features
Lower weight for more speed. The steel and aluminum bridge of the new ACCURA is extremely rigid and slim. The special CARAT coating on the aluminum parts ensures their temperature stability and long service life. The reduced weight of the moving parts improves the dynamics.


Machine Technology

Tailored to your requirements

  • ACCURA Kompakt with the RDS-C articulating probe holder the XDT and VAST XXT sensors.
  • ACCURA Aktiv with sensors for contact measurement offers a choice of the DT, VAST XT, VAST XT gold and VAST gold active measuring sensors. It can be upgraded to MASS technology.
  • ACCURA with MASS provides the entire line of ZEISS sensor technology, including the ViScan and LineScan optical sensors on the RDS-D.
  • Navigator technology for increased productivity and high measuring performance.
  • DT, VAST XDT, VAST XXT, VAST XT gold and VAST gold for single-point measuring and scanning
  • ViSCAN, DTS, LineScan; non-contact measurement
  • Modular magazine technology combined with an automatic stylus rack
  • Navigator
  • Performance
CALYPSO Software
CALYPSO is based on the principle of visual metrology: measure what you see – without extensive programming or complicated code and text input. All part features from a drawing or a CAD model are stored as icons. Select the icons you need and your measurement plan is finished. CALYPSO automatically calculates the ideal measuring run and travel paths.


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Last updated January 15, 2018