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Surface Texture Measurement and Analysis System
For surface, contour and form measurements, there is one software that covers everything: ACCTee PRO. An east-t-use menu-guided user interface, automatic functions, wizards and help functions make it especially easy for beginners and experts alike to work with ACCTee PRO. Data analysis is made even faster by the playback function at the push of a button and re-evaluation.
Change Analysis Conditions with Preview
With ACCTee, you can set and change the roughness parameter calculation standard, cutoff filter, notch level, deletion length and other conditions. The range of the waveform data used for the roughness parameter calculation can be set to any value. The preview function also allows you to optimum form remove (tilt correction) can also be selected. The specified area and conditions can be cleared and changed quickly and easily.
Roughness Peak and Valley Detection Function
ACCTee detects the maximum point (minimum point) and automatically shifts the stylus to the maximum point (minimum point) as the peak and valley function traces the cylindrical profile, convex, concave, and spherical profile using the stylus. In manual operation, the position is reported by an alarm.
Roughness Curve Trace Function
As the profile traced by the roughness stylus is displayed, the measurement area can be set on the screen.
Level Difference Parameter
Level differences can be measured on the concave and convex profile. The measurement, average height, maximum height, minimum height, and area can be calculated from the data.
Wear-out Analysis for Roughness Curve Data
The degree of wear can be calculated by overlapping and displaying two roughness curves and calculating the differences between the data.
Robust Spline Filter
Various filters are available for roughness measurement and analysis, including robust spline filter. The robust spline filter dissolves distortion caused by the phase-compensated type filter with distinguished peak and valley on roughness waviness.
Automatic Pass/Fail Judgment under 16% Rule (JIS2001 Standard)
In the ACCTee analysis process, the 16% rule and the max rule are standardized for the tolerance criteria of the roughness evaluation parameters. With the 16% rule, if the measurement value for the multiple standard length that exceeds the tolerance is below 16%, it is assumed to pass. With the Max rule, all multiple standard length measurement values must not exceed the allowable tolerance.
3D Roughness Measurement and Analysis
Functions support 3D roughness analysis. (Optional expanded hardware required) It is possible to obtain up to 4000 scanning lines and 80 million data. 3D analysis can be performed with versatile visual displays.


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