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Adjustable Limit Snap Gages

Made in the UK, YPG adjustable limit snap gages are of the highest quality. The structurally stable design and specifications coupled with YPG's experienced ISO 9001-2000 manufacturing and quality management system, makes YPG snap gages some of the best in North America.

Three types of adjustable limit snap gages are offered, types ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘U’. Each have their own unique position in today’s manufacturing environment where rapid, accurate gauging of machined component features is a quality requirement. All three style of gage are available across a wide range of sizes. Additionally, they can be ‘Set, Sealed & Certified’ to pre-determined Go / No Go sizes in YPG’s A2LA accredited calibration laboratory. Both standard and custom anvils are available.

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Last updated February 19, 2018