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For almost 35 years Inspection Engineering and Quality Measurement Center have proudly served and supported a number of optical comparators, vision systems and coordinate measuring machines. In the early 1980’s Quality Measurement Systems in Rochester New York developed one the first digital readouts for optical comparators, the AutoComp . Over time, once innovative ideas are surpassed by new technology and improved solutions. Our commitment to support legacy product and loyal customers has prompted this page on our website.

Here, you can freely down load user guides, software manuals and installation guides for a number of current and late model systems.

Heidenhain - Metronics
ND 1100 Quadra-Chek User Guide
ND 1200 Quadra-Chek User Guide
ND 1300 Quadra-Chek User Guide
Quadra-Chek 200 User Guide
Metronics Quadra-Check QC200 and QC300. Heidenhain purchased Metronics and along with product development changes came model changes and new user guides for the Heidenhain ND1100, ND1200, ND1300. Older products like the QC 2000 digital readout are also available here for down load.
Handysurf E-35A-B Operation Manual
Surfcom130 Operation Manual
Flex50 User Guide
Rondcom Touch User Guide
Optical Gaging Products (OGP) builds not only their own contour projectors (optical comparators) but their own integrated displays. An extensive user guide and manual for the OGP Clip Plus found on the Opticom Qualifier comparators is below. Also a user guide for the popular Di-Metic Plus digital readout common to the OQ-30, QL-30 and QL-20 and Focus contour projectors (optical comparators) is linked.
Micro-Vu is not a product we represent, however a number of them are in the field. The Micro-Vu-Q16 manual is useful to both the daily user and the diagnosing service technician. A smaller one page Q-16 Quick Reference guide is also available for down load. For manual optical comparators, Micro-Vu also supplied the Spectra 14 display who’s system guide can be down loaded here. These digital readouts and displays are found on most Micro-Vu optical comparators built since 1980.
Another perennial optical comparator builder is Deltronics. Profile Projectors from Deltronics include the brand name Imagemaster and models DH-214, DH-14, DH-216, DV-114 and DV-214. Some are equipped with the MPC-5 Display while others have older Metronics displays. The attached 2 page “Procedures” is a good reference sheet for MPC-5 users.
New to the display market is the Metlogix M2 and M3 digital readouts. Unique to these are their touch screen / tablet PC format. Metlogix is also located in New Hampshire and was founded by industry veterans. These innovative 2 and 3 axis displays are produced for a number of OEM builders like Starrett and Vision Engineering.
Caliper Designs
Another optical comparator display builder is Caliper Designs in Nashua New Hampshire. The GD-2 Plus Digital Readout from Caliper Deisgns is a 2 axis readout for optical comparators and is normally privately labeled.



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