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Inspection Engineering provides software training and programming services and software support. Work can be performed on-site or at one of our facilities. Zeiss CMM software packages supported include U-Soft and Calypso.

Calypso Basic Training classes are offered in each of our tech centers on a monthly basis. Class content follows the Carl Zeiss Cookbook program with extensive hands-on practice. Click here for more details.
Calypso Advanced Training are offered in each of our tech centers on a regular basis. Content follows the current Zeiss Cookbook outline with direct hands-on experience. Students must have completed Calypso Basic and have 160 hours of Calypso experience. Click here for more details.
Calypso Curve & Sculptured Surfaces are both part of our training offerings. These courses rely heavily on example applications. At a minimum, students must have passed Calypso Basic, be comfortable with use of 3-D CAD in Calypso, and have a thorough understanding of GD&T Profile. Click here for more details.
OGP MeasureMind 3D Software Basic training classes are held near Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Auburn Hills. This two-day, hands-on training session prepares a student to measure and program Optical Smartscope systems. Click here for more details.
MeasureX, sometimes referred t as Basic X software, is common to both OGP and RAM Optical systems. Two day basic sessions are held monthly and cover operating and programming skills. Click here for more details.
Zone 3 Basic training sessions are regularly scheduled in our Ohio and Michigan tech centers. This four day comprehensive course is hands-on and includes use of CAD models, GD&T, and reporting. Click here for more details.
QC 5000 from Metronics is now called IK 5000 and is by Heidenhain. Inspection Engineering has regularly scheduled classes for CMM users in our Cleveland area tech center. This one-day, six hour session prepares the user to program and report. Click here for more details.
Zeiss U-Soft Software remains a part of our education offering. U-Soft, being DOS-based, was discontinued more than 16 years ago. However, we still offer a basic four-day training session and limited phone support. Click here for more details.
M3 and M2 Software from Metlogix can be found on many new Starrett, Vision Engineering, and S-T Industries optical measuring products. Inspection Engineering supports calibration and training for this innovative software. Click here for more details.
QC-Calc and related Pro-Link SPC software products are included in our training services. Private sessions are scheduled to meet client needs. Click here for more details.

Instruction runs from 8:00am - 3:30pm. Lunch is provided. Class sizes are limited - please register!

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