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For more than 20 years Zeiss has worked with the Japanese metrology mogul Accretech, the leading provider of surface, contour and form measuring machines. This partnership delivers you the highest quality, innovative solutions and a global service network for surface form and geometry equipment.
Whether you need surface finish, roundness, or contour measurements, Zeiss/Accretech has the right solution for your application.  Recent product innovations and enhancements put advanced technology in users hands that is easy to operate and more reliable than ever.  Combining new electro mechanical achievements with our maturing ACCTee-Pro software make Zeiss / Accretech the best choice for precision metrology solutions.
Explanation of Surface Characteristics - Standards
Surface Finish and Profilometers
HandySurf 35B, 40A and 45A.
Portable hand held surface finish testers with skidded styli.  The E-40A driver will retract into its housing to minimize risk of damage and the E45A enables measurements in the axial direction for measurement in tight spaces like crankshaft journals.  Option mounting stands, printers and extensions are available.  Call today for a quote. 
Surfcom Flex 50A
The Flex50 Portable skidless surface finish testing enables you to measure finish parameters like Ra, Rz and Rmax as well as Waviness and Profile parameters.  Flex50 boasts straightness accuracy of 0.3um over the entire 50mm (2”) stroke.  A 3.5” color display brings functionality to an intuitive level and you can output data through the USB port or built-in printer.  Probe styli are compatible with higher end finish systems from Zeiss so you can always find the right stylus for your application.  Call today for a demonstration. 
Surfcom 130 and 480
Both the 130 and 480 are entry level skidless finish testers with 50mm of tracing stroke and a large 1.60mm LVDT detection range.  Surfcom 480s have a hearty granite stand with a motorized column.  These semi portable systems operate through a touch screen interface.  All industry standards can be evaluated and reported via the built-in printer. 
Surfcom NEX 001
NEX 001 is a Surface Finish only configuration and is an improvement over the older Zeiss Surfcom 1500.  A patented non-contact linear X drive reduces system vibration and increases accuracy.  The NEX series will future proof your investment with field upgrades of different sensors for finish, contour or both.  You will have confidence in results since the detector resolution 0.1nm (nanometer) and the 100mm stroke is straight within 0.15um.  Software standardization makes using the entire Zeiss line simple.
Surfcom NEX 031
NEX 031 is a combination machine for surface finish and standard accuracy contour measurement.  031 replaces the popular Zeiss Surfcom 1900 and enhances capability with linear drive technology, easier sensor swapping, and collision prevention.  Technical specifications include up to 650mm (26”) of Z travel, 60mm of stylus measurement range, 100 or 200mm X travel and the ability to measure contour both up and downward using optional T-probe.
Surfcom NEX 041 
NEX 041 is also a combination machine but has accuracy contour measurement in addition to traditional surface finish capabilities.  Designed to replace the reliable Zeiss Surfcom 2900, the NEX 041 comes with a unique “Dual Beam Laser Interferometer Pickup” for the best accuracy in contour measurement.  Z measuring accuracy is twice better than the NEX 031 with similar travel and measurement ranges.  Unique to the NEX 040 series is automatic probing force control; no more counter weights!
Surfcom NEX 100
NEX 100 is equiped with a long range hybrid detector that uses dual sensor technology for finish and contour in a single setup.  As a replacement to the popular Zeiss Surfcom 2000, NEX 100 has an expanded measuring ranges up to 15mm, resolution to 1.0nm (nanometer).  By combining high resolution differential inductance and a high-accuracy scale, the NEX 100 sensor from Accretech will save you significant setup and measurement time.  Like all Zeiss / Accretech NEX series machines, the 100 has the patented linear drive. 
Surfcom C5
If you are looking for an automated solution to surface finish and contour inspection, the Surfcom C5 from Zeiss may be your answer.  Fast and flexible, this 5 axis measuring system is designed to address quality assurance on a production scale.  You can perform measurements in all directions using the integrated rotary sensor.  And accuracy is improved using its patented non-contact linear X-drive.  C5 users include automotive powertrain and aircraft engine builders.  Why not you?
Contour Tracing and Analysis
Contourecord 1600  -  Entry level contour measurement with manual column starting under $30,000.  This machine from Accretech and Carl Zeiss has:
                    Manual Column (250mm) on Granite Base (600mm x 320mm)
                    Precision Digital Tracing Driver (100 mm)
                    Transducer Contour Pickup (50 mm) w/ CCA for improved performance
                    ActeePro Contour Analysis software
  NEX contour and profile measuring instruments from Accretech and Carl Zeiss have several new features.  Both Accretech’s general purpose and high accuracy detectors gives you best in class accuracy with temperature correction.  Accuracy is guaranteed between 15 and 25 degrees C.  You will also find expanded Z measuring range at +/- 30mm (60mm total) travel allowing both downward and upward measurement.  To help with that Accretech has an improved carbon fiber stylus holder for up and down measurement.  And a new saftey system will protect the NEX drive in the event of a collision with workpiece or fixturing.  
NEX 030 
NEX 030 is a standard accuracy contour measurement with 0.04um full range resolution and 1.5um accuracy.  Like the NEX 031, you can choose from 100mm (4”) or 200mm (8”) stroke and up to 650 (26”) of Z travel.  Consider NEX 030 our next generation replacement for a Zeiss Contourecord 1700.  All NEX series systems can be field upgrade to additional sensor heads to add surface finish capability in the future.  Protect your investment with a Zeiss NEX series contour or finish machine.
NEX 040
High accuracy contour measurement with .02um full range resolution sets the NEX 040 apart.  This Accretech detector has a built-in auto balance and automatic measuring force function.  You can fine adjust measurement force though the software in 2mN increments.  The NEX 040 comes with a unique “Dual Beam Laser Interferometer Pickup” for the best accuracy in contour measurement.  Accuracy is too good to post on the internet!  The older Contourecord 2700 from Zeiss has finally met its match.
Linear Drives from Accretech and Carl Zeiss:
Accretech and Zeiss were the first to use linear drives.  Now all of the NEX line machines come with an advanced “Precision Linear Motor Digital Tracing Driver” in either the standard 100mm travel or optional 200mm travel. 
What is a linear drive?  To start with, a conventional systems uses a mechanical ball screw drive with a motor, encoder and linear scale.  Control response of repetitive back and forth motion is limited when determining very fine resolution movement.  Accretech linear drives address that weakness by combining a linear motor and a scale for high response and precise positioning without backlash.  Liner drives also reduce system harmonics or vibrations.  Response, positioning and reduced vibraton are key characteristics in precision instruments like the Zeiss Contourecord and Surfcom NEX series.
Accretech linear drives also allow you to manually position a probe with ultra fine detail.  Since they are not mechanical, you do not need to worry about maintenance issues like lubrication or grease.  If those are not enough reasons, then consider the increased travel speed which will reduce your inspection times.
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