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Probing systems and styli for coordinate measuring machines are available from Renishaw, a world leader in probe heads for CMM's and machine tools. Indexible, laser scanning and video probe heads provide accurate and efficient measurements. Whether you are retrofitting or purchasing new, Renishaw has the probing system for you.

To compliment their probe heads, Renishaw offers a comprehensive range of styli for CMM and CNC users. Thread sizes include M2, M3, M4, and M5. Materials such as graphite, ceramic, and tungsten carbide provide optimum performance. All styli are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

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REVO Scanning  Probe Head

REVO-1 is officially discontinued March 31, 2016 and retrofit kits are available for users seeking to migrate up to REVO-2.  REVO-1 will have support through 2020. 

REVO-2 is Renishaw’s scanning probe sensor for CMMs that controls motion of three machine axis and two head axis concurrently.  REVO-2 can be configured to measure for both contact and non contact applications including surface finish, traditional CMM tactile point data and video probe technology. 

To accomadate high data capture rates, Renishaw uses a sophisticated design between laser and electrical signal transmission.  For the end user this delivers dramatic reduction in cycle time and increased information about part geometry.  Even stylus setup is simplified with a single routine for all head angles for the RSP2 components and inferred calibration angles for the RSP3 components. 



The range of PH10 PLUS motorised probe heads increases throughput by giving automated CMMs the added capability of program controlled probe re-orientation. This enables the inspection of features at different angles without the need for frequent, time consuming stylus cluster changes.

Less time calibrating, more time measuring
  PH10M-iQ PLUS offers all the benefits of a traditional PH10M PLUS but with the addition of inferred qualification. This further demonstrates Renishaw's commitment to continuous product development.
PH10M-iQ PLUSincreases throughput by removing the need to qualify each head position that is used. This allows more time to be spent measuring.
Fine tune your performance
  Where an application or specific angle demands ultimate touch-trigger accuracy then PH10M-iQ PLUS can be qualified in the same way as a standard PH10M PLUS.
  Renishaw's complete range of PH10M PLUS compatible probes are also compatible with PH10M-iQ PLUS. However, the added functionality of inferred qualification can only be used with touch-trigger probes. TP-20, TP2-5W, TP200, TP6, TP6A and TP7A touch-trigger probes can be used in traditional PH10 mode or can utilized inferred qualification; whereas SP25M and SP600M scanning probes can only be used in traditional PH10 mode and cannot utilize inferred qualification. The PH10M-iQ must be integrated into the front end software to utilize this enhancement. Renishaw's UCC I++ Controllers have this integrated.
PH10M-iQ PLUS comes with a 24 month warranty. For more details, Contact Us.


Special TP2 Upgrade Offer

Upgrade your existing TP2 probe sensor to Renishaw's innovative TP20 probing system and help deliver a substantial increase to your inspection productivity.

This special offeris designed to update your inspection process to the latest technology-at a significant cost savings! You can easily optimize your probe and stylus performance with seven specialized probe modules designed for a wide range of applications.

The TP20 probing system is a direct replacement for TP2-5W and TP2-6W probe-no other program modifications are required.

Benefits of the TP20 include:

  • Flexibility to automate your inspection processes
  • Reduces inspection times with fast, repeatable, stylus changing
  • Eliminates time consuming re-qualification
  • Optimizes probe and stylus performance with seven specialized probe modules designed for a wide range of applications
  • Improved collision protection - with two-piece magnetic design
  • Extended life with multiple modules
  • No manual spring tension adjustments required - predictable performance throughout a wide range of operating conditions.


Which Renishaw controller is right for me?
Did you know that Renishaw has a line of CMM controllers? Use the list below to choose the controller that will suite your CMM. For even more information, click here.
Designed for manual heads and manual machines (MH20i, PH6…). Has a PI4 built in.
Designed for manual heads (MH20i, PH6…). Has a PI4 built in
Built in PI200 and PHC10Plus controller. Designed for 3 axis touch trigger system with PH10 head
Built in PI200, PHC10Plus, and Scanning Card. Designed for 3 axis scanning system with PH10 head (SP25 or SP600 only)
Designed for PH20 only. Cannot use PH10 or scanning system.
Designed today for SP80 and Revo. It will work with all sensors, but additional cards may be required. It is not the most optimal and cost effective approach to getting the customer the latest technology.
Designed for 3, 4, 5, & 6 axis systems. 60Volt, 10Amp Max output. 600W total.
Designed for 3 axis systems. 80Volt, 10Amp max output. 800W total. 1/3 the size of SPA2-2 with more power. Required for UCCT3-2, UCCT3Plus, UCCS3, UCCT5 controllers. UCC2-2 allows dual SPA3 for up to 6 axis systems.


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