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The R&R Fixture is a modular fixturing system that is designed for use with Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). They are designed to reduce the need for traditional fixturing methods which often take longer to set up than to measure the part. They can adapt to any application through the use of various size components and base plates.
Inspect virtually anything
We have the largest selection of base plates and components available in either English or Metric sizes to adapt to any application you may have.  Whether it is a small medical part, an aluminum casting or large steel automotive stamping, this one fixture system has the ability to adapt to all of your applications.
FixtureBuilder software
Maintain consistent fixturing
Documenting the original setup maintains consistency with future setups which is especially helpful when there are multiple users or a lapse of time between setups.  Whether a part is checked daily or periodically, our alpha-numerically labeled plates and components enable accurate and consistent setups the same way each and every time.
Set up in minutes
All of our components work together and can be hand threaded into the fixture plate to nest and secure the part.  The majority of our components are hand tighten only so parts can be set up within minutes.  Plus, multiple parts can be fixtured on the plate at one time...increasing the productivity of your CMM saving you time and money.
Save time
To save time, multiple parts can be fixtured on a plate at one time or subplates can be used to automate your inspection process even further.  When that part is no longer checked frequently, the fixturing components and plate can be reassembled for other parts resulting in major cost savings.
Complete access
Unlike traditional fixturing, where features can be obstructed from the probe due to cumbersome and bulky part fixturing, R&R's fixturing enables a clear probe path for more precise measurement and better access to the entire part.



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Last updated February 19, 2018