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RAM Optical Instrumentation's philosophy and mission to make inspection and measurement tools that you want to use. They focus on the user experience and strive to make advanced technology as easy to use as possible. RAM Optical systems are specially designed so that anyone in the manufacturing process can use them – from design engineering, to fabrication, to assembly, to final inspection – with minimal training required.

Sprint CNC 200-300 Systems: Sprint CNC™ fits on a workbench and provides stage travels as large as 12" x 12". Use the handy joystick to move the part and optics. Precise autofocus speeds throughput and improves repeatability. Run programs for all your parts to keep your quality in control.

Sprint CNC 400-700 Systems: The Sprint™ CNC 400/600/700 floor model systems provide three-axis measurement for larger parts or assemblies and a large number of small parts at one time. Programmable zoom optics combined with all LED illumination and a color camera provide magnified viewing up to 176X with standard optics.

SparkMVP: automatic dimensional measurement system with precision fixed lens optics excels at measuring small parts with fine features. 

  • High resolution fixed optics system
  • Optional TTL laser, Optional touch-probe, Optional grid protector
  • Interchangeable objective lenses from 1x to 5x magnification. (The first lens chosen will be included with your system at no cost.)
  • Green LED illumination for backlight, white coaxial surface light and programmable 8 sector / 5 ring VectorLight. Includes square on surface light.
  • Includes factory configured PC equipped with Windows Operating System. Monitor, keyboard, and mouse not included
  • High Density Camera included
  • 1 year warranty
  • Now available in larger sizes: Spark 400 18x18x6”; Spark 600 24x18x6”; Spark 624 24x24x8”; Spark 1500 35x59x8”; Spark 1550 50x59x8”; Spark 1552 59x59x8”
StarLite GX: The StarLite GX is the newest design in a complete non-contact inspection system with interactive measurement capabilities at your fingertips. It is everything you need for accurate video measurement.

Sprint systems are an excellent choice for inspection and measurement applications within the plastics, medical equipment and parts, automotive, aerospace, electronics industries and more.

Cobra 2D Laser Profile Scanner: Cobra 2D is a portable laser scanning system that provides high resolution linear profiles. And since it uses low power laser light, it is ideal for fragile or pliable parts that have critical surface contours. It's quick and easy to measure height, length, slope, and radius.

Cobra 3D Laser Profile Scanner: Cobra 3D adds a motorized X axis to produce scans over an area as large as 2" x 2".

Scan-X® software makes it easy to scan and analyze the results.

Measure-X® (formerly known as eBx) features dual monitor support, optional touchscreen interface, and high level editing capabilities. Measure-X software provides a powerful, straightforward, and uniquely capable environment for creating and running part measurement routines.

















































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