Q-Mark CMM Styli Products

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CMM probes from Q-Mark are rated as some of the best in the world. Tips for Renishaw, DEA, SIP, Zeiss, and other CMMs are available. A wide selection of standard styli are available. When a deviation from standard is needed, it can usually be produced in less than a week and costs at or near the same as a standard product.

Q-Mark does their own manufacturing and maintains a large inventory, which ensures fast service. Materials used in production are the latest and best for CMM styli. Ceramic and graphite are commonly used to reduce weight, increase stiffness, and minimize thermal expansion. All Q-Mark products are 100% guaranteed for replacement or refund.

Q-Mark now offers CMM styli made with drilled silicon nitride balls in place of ruby. These balls are extremely hard (78 Rc), have a lower coefficient of friction than ruby, and have highly polished surfaces. Therefore, they exhibit less tendency to accumulate material, and will resist wear better than standard ruby probes. Scanning CMM users report up to 5 times longer tool life with silicon nitride balls than with ruby balls.


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Last updated February 19, 2018