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In 1983 Prolink embarked on a mission to write a Statistical Process Control (SPC) software program called QC-CALC™ to interface with various automatic inspection equipment. The need for an easy to use data collection and analysis software was apparent.

Many other SPC packages perform the same analysis functions as QC-CALC, but none offer the automatic database creation that has been our cornerstone. We have listened to customer’s needs and tailored the software accordingly. Our goal is to increase our customer’s awareness of process problems to save them time and money. The key is to obtain the data without adding cost and to report the analysis in a timely manner.

Prolink has been in the Data Collection and SPC software business exclusively for 31 years. The product is sold in 6 different modules as follows:

Enterprise Report Scheduler (ERS) facilitates the creation of interactive charts, dashboards, and Full Views enabling a top-down view of the overall quality within the factory.

QC-CALC SPC is a comprehensive statistical process control application designed to monitor, manage, analyze, and report the results of your shop floor data.
SPC Office Buddy provides a fast and easy way to create charts and reports in Minitab®, JMP®, and Excel®. Integrating with external programs allows employees to leverage existing software purchases and streamlines acceptance within your organization.
QC-Calc Realtime has been designed to capture data from CMMs, Vision Systems and automated measuring equipment. With this package you can experience realtime charting, alaming, color coding, basic reporting and data file management. This core product allows you to store data can be stored locally on the PC or on a network drive. For a listing of direct interface compatibility click here.
QC-Sort is a non-statistical application that is used to easily identify out of specification parts on a multiple part fixture.
QC-Gage is designed to collect inspection data directly from electronic gages that are not as programmable as CMMs. Regardless of the data source, QC-Gage is ready to automate data collection.
QC-PLC provides a fast and easy method of reading data from programmable logic controllers (PLCs) at regular intervals saving time & money with improved accuracy.

The software is all licensed to individual PCs and therefore the appropriate module is installed on each machine that will use the software. The typical installation has data collection modules installed on PCs where the data is being created and collected with those PCs connected to a network where the data is saved on a central network server. Other PCs used by engineers and managers would have the analysis or reporting modules installed and access the data on the network server. The SQL version of the installation simply provides a more robust system for larger amounts of data and more users reporting from the data.

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For a listing of direct interface compatibility click here.


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