Omni Fixturing Products

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Inspection Engineering carries complete lines of CMM probes and fixturing systems, including Modular Fixturing from Omni.
The OMNI CMM PLUS SYSTEM is the only flexible system designed specifically for Quality Control fixtures and gages. This includes CMM, Surface Plate Inspections, Video Measurement Systems and many more applications. Starting at under $3000, the OMNI PLUS SYSTEM is the least expensive flexible fixture building system available anywhere and has more parts than its competitors.

Whether you need to build micro, macro, or magnum sized fixtures, OMNI CMM PLUS SYSTEM has the modular components. Sub assemblies can be prepared and connected as needed. Construction is usually less than an hour. Rebuild times are only a fraction of the initial setup time. Custom components can be designed and built to suit customers needs. Please call for demonstration.


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Last updated February 19, 2018