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Optical Gaging Products

Optical Gaging Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of non-contact and multi-sensor dimensional measurement systems. OGP technology is used around the world to help manufacturers develop, maintain, and qualify production processes. Our products provide solutions in the automotive, aerospace, ceramics, clinical, electronics, semiconductor, plastics, medical, and metalworking industries. Along the way, many OGP innovations have become industry standards relied on by major manufacturers.

OGP is leading in multi-sensor metrology systems. The combination of video measurement with multiple laser and touch probe sensors allows our systems to perform more measurements than ever before. Multi-sensor technology increases versatility and reduces system costs and setup time.

OGP Fusion 400 Multisensor Measurement System

OGP® will be introducing its large field-of-view (LFOV) multisensor measurement system, the Fusion 400.  Designed to exceed the common field of view vision system from Japan, you will find real CAD based metrology software, speed and versatility to automate measurements and maximize throughput. Fusion 400 offers a generous 400x300x250 mm measurement volume, and the heart of its capability lies in its LFOV optical system. There are two selectable optical configurations — a 100 mm diagonal field-of-view Low Magnification with long depth of focus, f/100 equivalent, with 50 mm depth of field; or a 20 mm diagonal field-of-view High Magnification, f/5 equivalent, with autofocus and a 5 mm depth of field.

So for an uncommon optical measurement need, consider the Fusion 400 designed and built in Rochester, New York by a company building optical measuring systems since Victory Japan Day 1945!

SmartScope ZIP builds upon its strength as an international favorite in video measurement by offering new members of the product line. The Advance models are specially configured for the toughest imaging applications. The Lite models provide ZIP benefits in value configurations. All ZIP models excel at video measurement and multisensor versatility for highest productivity.  
SmartScope® Flash dimensional measurement systems offer the best general purpose optical metrology solutions available today. SmartScope Flash systems feature high-quality optics in the form of a 12:1 auto-calibrating zoom lens that gives great optical performance over its entire range. There are a number of Flash illumination solutions to image a part fully, to improve measurement accuracy. Flash is also easily configured as an economical multi-sensor system. Available in a wide range of footprints and stage travels, Flash models range from the benchtop 200 to the large-travel 1500. All Flash systems run Zone3 and Measure-X™ metrology software, with MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor software optional. SmartScope Flash is a great value for general purpose measurement applications.
SmartScope® Quests are high-accuracy metrology systems designed to use a variety of sensors for full three-dimensional measurement. Quest offers the best optical performance available. Accurate measurements require images, and Quest TeleStar™ 10:1 zoom lens deliver just that. TeleStar lenses are completely telecentric and automatically calibrated throughout their range, for distortion-free, high-fidelity images- perfect for high-accuracy metrological applications. Zone3 and MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software is standard on all SmartScope Quest systems.
SmartScopeSpecialist 300 is specifically catered towards the medical industry and implant manufacturing and offers precision dimensional metrology with minimal measurement uncertainty. This system bundles profile analysis software and relevant sensors with a Quest 300. Ideal applications include bone screws, implants, devices and complex geometry.

Metrology software is the way users interact with OGP measurement systems. Controlling, monitoring, displaying, and reporting every aspect of the measuring process. Software for OGP systems lets you do as little, or as much as you need from part to part, operation to operation. Extensive sets of automatic tools provide greater capabilities and consistent results 24/7.
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