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MarConnect i-Stick Product features
  • Measurement without the nuisance of additional modules: Unlike conventional wireless solutions, which have a large external transmitter with separate battery, the transmitter in Integrated Wireless is fully integrated.
  • Highly mobile: Integrated Wireless gives you much more mobility. There is no cable to get in the way, either at the measuring station or when measuring on or at the machine or at large workpieces
  • Easy data transfer: With Integrated Wireless you can transfer your measured values to the PC simply using the iStick. As with a data cable, the measured values are accepted via the MarCom software directly into MS Excel© or via a keyboard code into any Windows application
  • Reliable transfer: With Integrated Wireless you can be sure that your data will arrive safely. Measuring instruments with Integrated Wireless display messages to confirm whether the transmitted data has been correctly transferred or whether you are within receiving range of the iStick receiver
  • Long battery life: The integrated wireless interface makes the measuring instrument exceptionally energy-efficient. And unlike conventional wireless systems, no additional battery is required
  • Affordable: With Integrated Wireless you can connect up to 8 measuring instruments per iStick receiver. Expensive interface boxes are no longer necessary. With even one connected measuring instrument you get a wireless connection for the price of a cable
For more information, call 440-892-9277.



To receive more information, please call 440-892-9277

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Last updated January 15, 2018