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MarConnect i-Stick
The MarConnect i-Stick is a wireless receiver for Mahr’s measuring instruments. You can simply transfer your measured values directly to your PC via proven wireless technology with the i-Stick.
SPECTRUM Millimar. Multi-gage Measuring System
The Millimar G1275 measuring computer provides the simplest possible means of acquiring and statistically analyzing measurement results from multi-gage measuring devices. Thanks to the industrial housing, the measuring computer is ideally suited for use even in harsh manufacturing environments

Mahr Air Gages

Air plug gages are used for testing cylindrical through bores or blind bores. The plug gage bodies are equipped with two opposing measuring jets which record the measured value without contact. This arrangement allows the diameter, the diametric roundness and the cylindricity of bores to be calculated using a single jet air plug gage.

µDimensionair II

No other air gaging system offers so much — in the palm of your hand — mounted to the workbench or even right to the machine tool. µDimensionair is rated IP-54, so, it can be used on the shop floor — and, the air tooling cleans dirt from the part for high performance measurements — fast and easy!

  • Air gage readout is right in front of you — simple and clear.
  • Fixed resolution and balanced air system makes the gage stable and reliable for your manufacturing environment.
  • Single and Min/Max mastering selectable.
Ever popular and reliable Mahr and Federal Indicators

Millimess Digital & Dial Comparators
Millimess is the “classic“ amongst all measuring instruments, for over 60 years the Millimess series of dial comparators is synonymous for both high precision and extreme robustness.

Digital Indictors
A complete product range; from the simplest digital indicator to the most complex model with a combined analog and display digital, thus ensuring a solution for any measuring task. All our digital indicators have practical measuring functions and contain a data output for data transmission and evaluation.
Precision Dial Indicators DIN Style
Precision Engineered Dial Indicator with an attractive design. A broad range of dial indicators are available, these dial indicators are manufactured to the German national standard (DIN) which is common in Europe. All dial indicators are subject to a final inspection in production according to DIN 878
ANSI/AGD Dial Indicators
Dial indicators manufactured to the American national standard (ANSI/AGD). All ANSI/AGD dial indicators are subject to a final inspection in production according to ANSI/AGD industrial standards.
Rapid and reliable Snap Gages
MaraMeter Indicating Snap Gages
The Indicating Snap Gage, MaraMeter is the ideal hand measuring instrument for highly precise measurements on external dimension. They not only improve your measuring efficiency, they also reduce your rejection quota and thus sink your additional costs.
Bore Gages
For specialised measuring tasks such as the measurement of bores or internal serrations / threads
Basic and Advanced Height Gages
Height Measuring Instrument 817 CLM
The new Height Measuring Instrument Digimar 817 CLM with the innovative Quick Mode. Highly accurate rapid measurements, a wide range of measuring and evaluation possiblities and excellent operator comfort.
Height Measuring Instrument 816 CL
The new Height Measuring Instrument Digimar 816 CL. You want to obtain highly accurate measurement results without any complicated procedures? With the Digimar 816 CL you have the perfect partner for simple and accurate measurements both in the workshop or on the production line, just as you expect from Mahr!
Height Measuring and Scribing Instruments M 814 N/G
Simple to operate. They can be used for scribing and marking workpieces, additionally they can be used to measure heights and distances.
Height Measuring and Scribing Instruments 814 S
The height measuring and scribing instruments Digimar 814 S are simple to operate, hand crank for even more operator comfort. The Digimar 814 S can be used for scribing and marking workpieces as well as measuring both heights and distances.



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