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SPC from Lighthouse Systems

Collect and analyze data easily so that you can take control of your processes. SPC-Light™ has been implemented in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, from automotive to electronic and from steel to glass. Generate reports to monitor performance and achieve sustainable improvements in quality and profitability.

All the Zeiss, RAM, OGP, and Metronics Systems interface right into SPC-Light™.

Lighthouse Exodus Data Collector and SPC Light 32 bit are perfect partners for your process control. SPC Light software is networkable statistics software and the data collectors can interface to virtually any electronic measuring equipment.

Lighthouse Systems develop quality and production software solutions for the manufacturing industry including:

Rugged Handheld Datacollectors
Real-time SPC
Shopfloor Datacollection
Manufacturing Execution Systems
Machine Monitoring
System Integration


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Last updated December 11, 2017