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Calibration and Repair Services

What we are:

Inspection Engineering is an A2LA accredited calibration service (certificate - 1453.01) for a variety of gages and measuring instruments. Whether you have some hand gages like micrometers, calipers and indicators or larger equipment like optical comparators, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), surface finish testers and video measuring systems; Inspection Engineering has factory trained technicians that can perform service and gage calibration.

What we do:

  • Vision System Calibration and Service
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine - CMM Calibration and Service
  • Optical Comparator Calibration and Service
  • Contour Projector Calibration and Service
  • Surface Finish - Profilometer Calibration and Service
  • Micrometer, Caliper, Indicator, Depth Gage Calibration
  • Pin Gage Calibration
  • Custom Gage and Fixture Certification
  • Machine Pack – Move – Install Services
  • Software Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Probe Head Retrofits and Upgrades

How it works:

You call, fax, mail or otherwise send over your requirements. We quote cost and offer available schedule for your service or calibration needs. To formally confirm a schedule you just need to send over a purchase order or contact us with credit card information.

For calibration and preventative maintenance work our service technician will arrive with tools, calibration artifacts and cleaning supplies. They begin by opening up your machine and actually clean it; work our competitors are usually too lazy to perform. Optical based systems have lenses and screens cleaned. CMMs have guideways, scales, reader heads and controller cabinets cleaned. Mechanical and electronic adjustments are made during a detailed system evaluation. Our traceable calibration artifacts are used to confirm system accuracy per OEM specifications. An initial report with a sticker is provided upon completion. Later, a formal calibration report is sent.

Service and repair calls receive priority. We understand that you depend on your metrology equipment for production. Our technicians not only diagnose the symptoms but try to find the cause to help prevent future down time. Each of our technicians has spent time in OEM factories building machines like yours to gain a better understanding of the electrical and mechanical systems.

Outside an OEM, few companies perform a proper machine move. When you need to move your CMM, optical comparator, vision system or surface finish tester, Inspection Engineering needs to be your first call. We use correct framing and bracing for CMMs to prevent damage during shipment. Our service technicians know how to properly secure and lock down the guideways on your vision system, surface finish – contour machine or roundness tester. You can count on us to know what to do with the lenses, mirrors and screens on your optical comparator before it is moved. Don’t risk using the wrong third party or worse, doing it yourself. Every week we receive calls to repair or rebuild machines damaged by other 3 rd parties and the do it yourselfer. This is metrology equipment; precision instruments require special care to maintain integrity.

Why it works:

Inspection Engineering’s service group has been A2LA accredited for over 10 years and maintains field service technicians with upwards of 25 years industry experience. More than half our field service group developed work habits and strong technical skills in the United States Military.

Our field service technicians have been factory trained for calibration and repair by OEMs like Carl Zeiss, Optical Gaging Products (OGP), RAM Optical, Numerex, LK (now Metris), Metronics, Starrett, Vision Engineering and TSK Accretech. Relationships with these and many other OEMs like Mitutoyo allow us to provide you with engineering support and spare parts. While most of our field service technicians specialize in one or two types of equipment, they are all cross trained in several areas.

Who uses our services:

Satisfied service and calibration customers are found in all industries including military, medical, automotive, aerospace and appliance. Even OEMs contract us for installation, repair and calibration services.

Please contact our service group for additional information or to schedule your visit.

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