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Inspection Engineering is a stocking distributor of Fowler.
Fowler is a leading supplier of gages and tools in North America

Hi_Cal Height Gages
  • Extra low measuring force, from 0.2N
  • Measurement of internal and external diameters, centerlines, heights, widths and depths
  • MIN/MAX/TIR capability
  • Excellent repeatability thanks to the motorized carriage
  • Intuitive functions/minimizes key strokes
  • Great mobility
  • High reliability
  • Data output USB and RS-232
  • Battery life: 40 hours rechargeable during operation
  • Touch sensitive probe speed for easy operation
  • Base with small footprint

Includes: protective cover, charging set, ruby ball probe Ø3mm, setting gage and calibration certificate

FREE Basic Probe Set with 54-931-450-0 Hi_Cal Purchase $593.00 Value!
Mark VI Electronic Indicators

  • Robust construction
  • Water and coolant resistant
  • Protection class IP54
  • Repeatability: 2µm
  • Output: Proximity/Power - USB/RS-232/digimatic/Wireless
  • Battery life: 10,000 hours of operation
  • Menus customizable with free software
  • Wide range of functions (MIN/MAX/DELTA, TOL, Factor, Preset. Auto Off, etc)
  • Aluminum housing
  • Bezel rotates 270°
  • Large display with LED tolerance indicators
  • Includes lug back

We are so confident that these FowlerSylvac Mark VI electronic indicators are the most accurate, most dependable, best made products you can buy, we are extending the warranty to last a lifetime!

Quality, accuracy, dependability, worldclass customer service and now a real Lifetime Warranty!

QUICK CHECK Multi-Function Check Standard

Sale $1320.00
List $1580.74

  • One compact, multi-function, precise standard
  • Can be used to check and verify a multitude of measuring instruments
  • Checks calipers, micrometers, depth gages, bore gages, test and dial indicators, caliper gages, height gages, protractors, combination sets and more
  • Supplied with a manufacturer's test certificate and fitted wood case
  • All sizes marked are actual
Rapid-Mic Quick-Displacement Electronic Micrometers

  • Position recall
  • IP67 with or without data cable.
  • Delrin quick displacement thimble
  • Adjustable measuring force, 5N/10N
  • Menu customizable with free software
  • Non-rotating spindle, 10mm/spindle rotation
  • USB output
  • Carbide anvils
  • Extended Range 0-30mm, 30-66mm and 66-102mm
The Fowler/Trimos LABCONCEPT Premium Universal Length Measurement System combines the ultimate in accuracy, performance, range and simplicity in an easy to use, robust instrument. 
The Labconcept Premium calibrates all types of standards including ring gages, thread ring gages, thread plug gages, plug gages, depth gages, snap gages, dial indicators and more. 

A large variety of accessory supports and probes allow unparallelled versatility in checking both internal and external dimensions.
• Measuring ranges: 0—12" (0—300mm), 0—20"(500mm), and 0—40"(1000mm)
• Accuracy: 0.15µm+(L(mm)/2000)µm
• Repeatability (±2S): .000002"/.05µm
• Display: Computer added screen display: PC w/flat screen monitor, DDE server and Trimos WIN DHI software for display of functions and measuring results.
• Developed for ISO 9000/2000 standards
• Switchable Resolution; .0001", .00001", .000001", or .001mm, .0001", .00001mm
• Wide range of easily interchangeable accessories 
• Adjustable measuring force 0—12N
• Displacement speed of measuring carriage = 60"/sec(1.5m/sec)
• Fine adjustment range = .394"/10mm
• Operational temperature limit 10˚-40˚C
• Operational humidity limit 30 - 80% 
Fowler-Bowers Bluetooth XTH3 Holematic Pistol Grips

FREE Tablet with the purchase of ANY Bluetooth Set!

Fowler-Bowers BLUETOOTH XTH3 Holematic Pistol Grip Sets range of bore gages offer extended travel with fixed anvils. The pistol grip handle incorporates a constant measuring pressure to eliminate operator "feel."

• To reduce hand fatigue, the travel of the trigger is adjustable for minimum over-travel.
• Larger easy-to-read swivel display
• Self centering heads
• Proximity output and USB connectivity.
• Four preset memories
• Fixed anvils
• Resolution: .00005" /.001mm
• Range .080"—12" (2—300mm)
• Tungsten carbide measuring faces on all 3-point heads from .5" (12.5mm) and up.
• Heads with special anvils available for threads, splines, slots, etc.
• Sizes over .500" (12.5mm) feature blind bore capability
• Setting rings included in all sets
• Includes UKAS certificates for all pistol grip, heads and rings.
• Special anvils available

The NEW Fowler-Trimos V3 and V4 vertical measuring instruments have been developed for the most difficult workshop environments. Manufactured in their entirety in Switzerland, they guarantee a robust, precise and reliable product in the long run.

• Measuring ranges 400mm and 700mm
• Extremely easy to use
• "Black mask" display with user friendly functions
• Electronically adjustable measuring force
• Battery life: approximately 40 hours (lithium-ion batteries)
• Vast range of accessories
• All adjustments possible without tools
• Cast iron base for optimal stability
• RS232 and USB interfaces
• Air cushion (V4 Only)
• Dual probe holders (V4 Only)
• Measures heights, diameters, perpendicularity, centerlines, Min/Max/Delta
• Accessory measuring probes up to 340mm in length available and provide excellent repeatability

V3 and V4 includes:
• Charging unit
• Measuring insert with ruby ball Ø4mm
• Probe holder elbow Ø 8mm
• Setting gage
• User's manual
• Test certificate




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