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CALYPSO Software for Non-Zeiss CMMs
CALYPSO: The next generation in CAD-based CMM software.
Calypso gives you the freedom to focus on the dimensional analysis of your parts. Create measuring programs right from your inspection requirements. No more sequential inspection plans, structured programming or messy code. Just select what you want to measure, in any order, and Calypso does the rest.
Benefits of CALYPSO Software Update:
• Modular software according to your needs
• Uniform software platform
• Uniform protocol output
• Familiar program environment
• Reduced training requirements
CALYPSO Software Package Includes:
• Calypso software with Step or IGES CAD Interfaces
• Calypso maintenance and Phone Support For One Year
• Calypso training at Carl Zeiss facility for 4 days
• Computer system with 22" monitor and inkjet printer
• Software system installation and configuration
- Utilize existing calibration corrections in Calypso
- Machine calibration NOT included or required
• Includes all labor and travel and expenses
Supported Interfaces:

• Brown & Sharpe/DEA- Leitz Protocol – Sharpe32z, B3C, B3C-LC, FBPC Controllers
• Brown & Sharpe/DEA - Sharpe Protocol – Sharpe32, Sharpe2 Controllers
• Mitutoyo – CMMC, UC Controllers
• Sheffield – SMP, UMP Controllers
• LK/Metris – LK2000, LK4000, AIM, ACT Controllers

* Use of Renishaw Scanning Heads (i.e. SP25 and SP600) not supported by Calypso on NZDI
* Renishaw ACR1 tool changer is not supported



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Last updated January 15, 2018