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 Why Buy a Zeiss CMM?

Zeiss is the technology leader in CMMs.
Zeiss has built CMMs for more applications than any other CMM manufacturer-with thousands of CMMs currently in service around the globe. And they are committed to continuing innovation, spending at least ten percent of CMM revenues on research and development every year.

Zeiss has products to fit your application.
From the affordable Vista series for small applications to the revolutionary Prismo Vast designed for the shop floor, Zeiss have a complete line of CMMs that can handle any application.

Zeiss has unequaled quality.
No matter which Zeiss CMM you choose, you are guaranteed to get the quality product you would expect from Zeiss. Their CMMs are manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified facilities in Germany and the United States.

Zeiss puts the customer first.
Zeiss's customer support system is second to none. Centers are maintained for training, service, parts and technical support throughout the world.

Zeiss CMMs are an excellent value.
The best measuring instruments in the world are at your service. Whether you need basic measurement at a basic price or the most sophisticated quality control on the planet, the world wide standard is Zeiss.
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