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A2LA Accreditation:
Inspection Engineering is an A2LA accredited service. Inspection Engineering's scope includes both dimensional inspection services and gage calibration.

Qualified technicians perform in-house and field calibration services. All technical staff members are factory trained and follow Guide 17025 procedures. Masters and instruments used are NIST traceable. All procedures meet ISO Guide 17025 requirements.
Field Services include:

As an A2LA accredited agency Inspection Engineering's scope includes Coordinate Measuring Machines, Optical Comparators, Vision Systems, Digital Readout Systems, Height Gages. Both calibration and repair service is available on many systems.

Inspection Engineering calibration services are some of the most comprehensive in the industry. Instruments are cleaned, reviewed for serviceable wear, checked for squareness and then tested with N.I.S.T. traceable standards. In addition, your system electronics are inspected for reliability.

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Field Services & Calibration
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Lab Services include:

A2LA accredited dimensional testing services for a variety of manufactured products and processes. Whether you need first piece layout, third party verification, or incoming inspection of a vendor's parts, Inspection Engineering's two lab facilities can help.

First article reports are typed in an easy to read format that denotes accept or reject status. Reports acceptable for military, automotive, aerospace, or any other industry can be supplied. Prints and reports are correlated for easy review. Data can be transferred via paper or data file.

Statistical and lot inspection reports include detailed graphs and calculations for each feature. Samples are numbered for reference. Our A2LA accredited lab is environmentally controlled to 68° year round. Projects and customer prints are kept confidential. Reports are kept on file for a minimum of seven years.

All lab equipment is calibrated on a regular basis and traceable to N.I.S.T. standards. Equipment used for inspection is typically 18 months or younger. Software and machines are kept up to date for state of the art performance and results.

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